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Live to tell your story that will be down the memory lane, Let people know your love story to get inspired, we accept real weddings, engagements, styled shoots, and introductions

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1. 100 images at most 2mbs each that include a mix of photos including getting ready ceremony, reception, portrait, and detail shots, no zipped files please! 2. Personal anecdotes | Details about your gown.

Include the following In your story; 1. Wedding | introduction date, Wedding | Introduction location, How you and your spouse met, what inspired your wedding style, and how you planned your wedding. 2. Wedding | Introduction Style: Describe your wedding | Introduction attire (Dress? Suit?). 3. What was the wedding | Introduction shopping experience? 4. Culture: Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? If yes, tell us more. 5. Memories: What is your best memory from your wedding | Introduction? 6. Advice: What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?


By submitting images your are giving permission to Eventinax to use your contribution as long as credit and attribution are given to you. You retain copyright of your work now and in the future. The work submitted is yours and does not infringe the copyright of others

Additional Information 

Photographers must obtain permission from the couple before submitting their photography, couples must obtain permission from the photographers before submitting their photography. Eventinax will take submission as evidence of obtained permission.

Material submitted will not be returned , Our design team has the right to alter photography i.e. crop, adjust brightness, change to B/W. etc

We Prefer More of photo Journalistic style as opposed to posed photography and encourage submission of photography of all cultures, so we welcome destination weddings that take place anywhere.

When a wedding is scheduled for use an interview will be scheduled between our writer and the couple. The couple and photographer will need to sign release forms allowing Eventinax to feature their submitted material, once the release is signed Eventinax has rights to publish the images of the event.